Word comparison

For me the word “Hell” is commonly used to describe or used along side Heaven to describe the place where you would go if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, but it the case of the holocaust victims their usage of the word would be very different. Their usage would moe likely describe the acts that they experienced in the internment camps. For instance the furnaces and pits where they would burn the bodies of hundreds of people, how they would beat people who did not follow orders or weren’t fit healthy and where forced to work in horrible working conditions. How the food they were forced to eat and sometimes starved. But there were times where there was hope some of the soldiers weren’t to mean but most of the times they were treated horribly and it would have been like “Hell” to them.

Portfolio Reflection

A) Was I prepared, yes I was prepared, I made sure I was prepared by getting all of my portfolio items into it. Making sure all of the work I was using was satisfactory to my liking to present to them. The work I used to present was usually the top marked assignments.

B) What did I enjoy about the interview? I did not really enjoy any of this because of the preparation of it and how it was presented. I find that the sheets we have to fill out are too general and make me feel like a child answering the questions because they are so simple.

C)What would I like to see for the next showcase? I would like to see it more specific for each class with the questions. I would also prefer it to go back to the way it was when you could choose to go or not to go and the parent and teacher would sit down and discuss the student and their work, that is how it should be, back in the good old days.


My Winter Olympic Dream

If I were a winter Olympic athlete my dream would be to win a gold metal in the men’s snowboarding half pipe. To win a gold in that I think would be amazing, mainly because it is a smaller sports in the Winter Olympics. I would love to experience the rush it would give you to go up and down and getting air to do breathtaking tricks, while everyone watches in anticipation to see if you stick the landing and go on to the next half and complete the next trick. At the end of the run you would finally breathe because you held your breathe just to make a perfect run. If I were to win the gold I wouldn’t ask for anything else, just to be known as a gold metal winner for Canada and bring it home for family and friends to see, that would be my dream as a Winter Olympic athlete.

Self reflection

The three strategies that I had to do to for editing my work, did and didn’t work for me for the writing I find editing just confuses me and writing just gets to messy. But on the other hand for the oral assignment I found that practicing it was very helpful I find that my writing is harder to edit than practicing something like a poem narration. I also find when I edit that I would get a lower mark than before I edited it.

Hats In School Yes/No – Editorial

This topic has been debated for years some have chosen a side while others are still on the fence. The issue is f whether or not hats should be allowed in school. Our school should allow hats to be worn in it but not on certain occasions.

The side against has some very understandable arguments, why they should not be allowed in schools. One argument is that they are disrespectful. This point is understandable but times are changing and hats have become a part of our everyday style and for some their personality, but there are situations that are disrespectful in which you should take it off. Another point of the against side is that it hides your face, so that it could make cheating easier and makes you unidentifiable. For our school being unidentifiable isn’t too big of deal because every teacher knows most every student even if they are wearing a hat. As you can see these argument points are valid but aren’t really applicable to our school.

The points for, on the other hand have more influence in our school. For example they are very comfortable. Hats are, and can be like another piece of clothing very comfortable to wear. Another point most people don’t realize is that they can be a part of someone’s personality. Hats for some people are a way of expressing who they are, and when you take that away they can’t express themselves as much as they could. They say school is a place where you are supposed to express yourself and feel safe. How can you when you aren’t yourself.

There are a couple more reasons that hats should be allowed in our school. Hats also give people a sense/feeling of freedom. Being in school doesn’t really give kids a chance to have much freedom, allowing hats would give them a little more sense of freedom, and not being in prison for six hours a day. Last point for this topic is that when people come here for say sports, or anything extracurricular activities there’s no one at the door demanding that they take off their hats, but when a student walks in a teacher demands they take off their hats. It’s not very fair, some people say, “yah well life isn’t fair.” well yes but, hats shouldn’t be that big of deal at all except if you are at a formal event.

Therefor our school should allow hats to be worn in school except during formal events. As of this year everyone should petition for hats to be allowed to be worn in Kenaston School. So ask yourselves this, if people are so worried/obsessed about hats being a bad thing why were they made?

A7 Reflecting










Korean 2   splitbookquote

My visual representation of the topic of people that are of visual minority have to face both discrimination in a way from both Canadian’s and people of their “race” (if you will). The top two photos show that the people can be both Canadian and whatever their ancestry is but in society they try to be either one or the other but they can’t. They cannot be both because if they happen to slip up and show more of the opposite side people would most likely say/do something that would do something that would be discriminating. As said above these are represented by the next two photos. The second last photo represent that people need to realize that their prejudices’ aren’t something they should be proud of they should also realize they have them, and do something about them. The Final photo I chose to represent that we need to look through their eyes’ and find out what they go through then we wouldn’t be so discriminative toward them.

A7 – Self Reflections (Assess and Reflect)

There are three main common errors that I seem to always make when I write paragraphs, running my sentences together, not finishing my sentences, and repeating my ideas. There are some ideas I have and things that I can do to improve my paragraph writing. These things are; I can find websites on line that apparently help a person with their writing, start to read what I write out loud so that I can hear how it actually sounds. Lastly I could go the old school way of doing it and just keep writing over and over again until I get the hang of writing. All of these things that I can do will help me with my writing of paragraphs.

The Child Who Walks Backwards – Responce

Dear Neighbour:

            I am curious to ask y u r not doing anything to help or stop this from happening if you suspect that it is. Like really, step in help the kid, jeep an I on the mom and see what she does around the child, man up! Even if she isn’t, how can you live without knowing if she is or isn’t abusing him? And also I am wondering y u r spreading gossip about her and you don’t even know the truth. Really?

I would do something, and try to find out about it before I started to say stuff, so that just in case he isn’t being abused, I will then know not to say anything to anyone, but if he is I’ll say something to someone, then something can b done about it so then the kid can be safe and not worry about her anymore. And if it comes to it call the police, if you can’t legally do anything they can just make sure you or they have enough evidence. So if u need help to do something about it I’ll help you but if u isn’t going to do anything about it then I will.

Sincerely: Other Neighbour

Visual or Non-Visual

Would you rather be a visual or non-visible minority? Personally I would rather be a visual minority, why you may ask? Well having something that would make a person a visual minority lets people decide when they first meet you if they are going to accept you or not, sure they could change their mind later but would you rather be judged when you meet people or later on in your relationship and maybe loose them?

            In the pod cast about race at the beginning they said that race has nothing to do with genetics, but later in the years they said that race can be traced through genes and DNA. Also in this podcast there was a black man interviewed that lived 50 years thinking he was a black man but when he took the test it came back, and it said that he had 0% African American in him, he when and asked his mom if he was adopted, she just laughed. He told his brother, but the brother didn’t want to believe the tests because he lived his whole life as a black man and wasn’t going to change. The man who took the test told his wife and she was troubled because she disowned her family, because she was Jewish, to marry this black man.

            In the movie School Ties, David Green, a Jewish guy starts going to this school were the kids are making fun of Jews, so he decides to hide his star of David, but later on they find out that he is a Jew and the reject him.

            For those of you who chose non-visual I can see some reason for you choosing that, for instance you may hide something that makes you who you are, like religion or heritage. And sure you could fit in but how long are you going to be able to hide it or want to, because maybe they find out the thing you are hiding.

            Finally I ask you would you rather people judge you at first, and choose to either be your friend or not. Or fit in at the start, and maybe lose friends if they find out.